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Teachers Insurance

If you work as a self-employed teacher, you will be offering a professional service to your clients. It is therefore essential for you to ensure that you have the right protection in place to safeguard yourself against the risks of your profession. While you may feel confident in your work, you will be as vulnerable to claims of error or negligence as any other teacher. An adequate teacher’s insurance policy will protect you in the event of someone making a claim against you.

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents do happen and if they occur as result of your actions, someone could make a claim against you. Accidents covered by public liability insurance include spilling a drink over a student’s computer or a student slipping on a wet floor in your home during a home tutoring session.

Regardless of the subject you teach, you are essentially putting yourself in the firing line each and every time you offer your services. Whether you provide one-to-one tuition in your pupils’ homes or group tuition in your own home, it would be unwise for you to disregard the need for teacher’s insurance.

While public liability insurance is legally optional, you should include the cost of purchasing coverage in your business plan as the premium that you will paid out will be minimal in comparison to the financial losses you could incur in the event of someone making a liability claim against you.

You must take into consideration all potential risk exposures when deciding on the best liability insurance coverage for your needs. The minimum public liability coverage you can obtain is for £1 million, but if you work for a company that provides teaching services and your employer insists on a higher amount of coverage, you will be able to arrange this.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance covers many issues that can affect you as a teacher, particularly with regards to claims of error and negligence. It is an essential requirement if you provide advice as, if your guidance is found to be faulty or negligent, a client may be able to make a claim against you for any resulting financial losses.

Teaching Equipment Insurance

If your teaching business involves the use of equipment, you may wish to add equipment cover to your teacher’s insurance coverage. You can take out insurance on laptops, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, musical instruments and any other equipment you use in relation to your employment as a teacher.

Personal Accident Insurance

If you suffer from an accident and are not able to work as a result, personal accident insurance will provide you with a lump sum and/or a weekly payment so that you can continue meeting the cost of your daily living expenses, paying off any loans you have taken out and providing for your loved ones.

Ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage can prevent financial ruin. Do not put off purchasing teacher’s insurance. With over twenty five years of experience, Livingstones Insurance will have the answer to your teachers insurance requirements. Call us on 020 8903 9412 or leave a message in the enquiry box and we will call you back.