Nightclub Insurance. What cover do I need?

Nightclub Insurance.

Running a Nightclub means that you have to adhere to strict rules and regulations, in order to ensure the safety of the building, staff and the public. Having appropriate insurance is an essential part of providing this safety, as well as protecting yourself against any future liability. Continue reading to find out more about the importance of having insurance when running a nightclub and the types of insurance coverage you will need if you own one.

What insurance do you need for running a Nightclub?

It is a legal requirement for all employers to have employers liability insurance. It does not matter whether you employ one person or fifty; employers liability insurance is absolutely imperative for the future of your business. Without employers liability insurance, you could face losing your business and a substantial fine from the UK Government.

Buildings and contents insurance

Purchasing buildings and contents insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is a necessary type of coverage for any building or business owner. Without buildings and contents insurance, any damage, theft or vandalism to your property (or its contents) would have to be remedied out of your own pocket. If a devastating fire damages your property, you would be left footing the bill, which potentially cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Public liability insurance

Any business where the public comes onto your premises requires public liability insurance. Although this is not a legal requirement, it is necessary to protect all of your assets in the case of injury h on your premises. Public liability insurance covers you against claims made by members of the public in the instance of injury on your business premises. Without such protection, you would be liable to pay injury compensation and legal fees yourself, so don’t waste any time and make sure you are covered today!

Other types of insurance

There are many other types of specialist insurance products which could help to protect you further, your staff, and your nightclub. You may want to consider cloakroom insurance, liability cover for door staff, loss of license cover, business interruption cover and insurance for professional electronic and audio equipment.

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