Shisha Bar/Lounge Insurance

Shisha Lounge Insurance – What insurance do I need when running a Shisha Bar/Lounge?

Shisha lounges are on the rise in the UK. If you are thinking of opening a shisha business, insurance is a must-have. Running a shisha bar is risky business, especially because of the potential threats involved. Some of these risks include property damage as well as worker and customer injuries. So what type of insurance do you require when operating such a business?

Public liability insurance

This type of insurance should be one that’s high on your list of priorities. This is because, as you’re likely operating a bar as well as a shisha lounge, there will be a good probability of accidents. Public liability insurance in the UK ensures that you’re somewhat protected should a client get injured while on your premises; as the owner, you’re responsible for paying the damage.

Property insurance

This is important, must-have insurance for anyone looking to open up a shisha lounge or bar in the UK. Not only because, if you are serving alcohol, things could get rowdy and your premises could be damaged, but also because many shisha bars also boast a fire pit of some sort to keep smokers warm while they bond; this, of course, is a rife opportunity for objects, belongings, and possibly even the building to get burnt.

The importance of having insurance when running a shisha lounge

As mentioned above, though running a shisha lounge is undoubtedly a fresh and exciting business endeavour, it’s also one that comes with a plethora of risks. As such, it’s essential that you have all of the necessary insurance to keep you protected.

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