The importance of getting recruitment agency insurance

Many businesses go under because of an unpredicted event. This is why your business should be insured to prevent losses caused by unforeseen risks. Just like all other businesses, recruitment agencies should not be left out. After all, even the most experienced professionals can attract unwarranted lawsuits.

This is why it is vital for your business to have the most suitable insurance package just in case. When your job involves directly influencing peoples’ career choices, the risk of injury is high.

Here are some of the key exposures your agency requires insurance cover against:

Professional indemnity

This policy insures your firm against accusations of professional negligence, including forgery of candidates or assigning an incompetent candidate to a position where they are out of place or have inadequate experience.

Employers’ liability

This policy covers claims resulting from an employee injuring themselves carrying out the obligations of their job description. It may also be extended to cover clients who get injured while visiting your premises.

Cyber liability

This is meant to cover the costs incurred to retrieve and recover data when hackers penetrate your system, which includes compensation of any financial setbacks that arise from business disruption after a cyber-attack. This cover also insures your agency against third-party claims for financial or data losses.

Public liability

This covers claims for loss incurred when assets get damaged or as a result of injury on a member of staff including temporary staff.

Privacy liability

Privacy liability is meant to cover insurance claims for a breach of individual privacy rights or including the mishandling of the confidentiality of job candidates. It also encompasses the costs incurred in destruction, disruption and loss of private information owned by a candidate, stored in the agency’s cloud server.

At Livingstones Insurance, we design the most suitable and affordable policies to match the needs of your agency. As a service industry, we are the best placed to realize the risks your Recruitment Agency is likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.