What insurance do I need for a Petrol Station?

Petrol Station Insurance – What insurance do I need?

Petrol stations need a variety of insurance covers, often more than one might care to think. This is because the forecourts are rife with dangerous potential scenarios that could play out at any minute; not only this but the amenities offered at a petrol station are expensive and worth insuring to avoid losses (no, we aren’t on about the chocolate bars!). There are several kinds of insurance policies for petrol stations. Whether you own only one site or manage an entire chain of petrol stations across the UK, it’s critical that you invest in all of the relevant insurances – to cover both your own back, and the backs of your customers.

Liability insurances

There are a few different types of liability insurance that you can invest in to help cover your petrol station. Such insurances that it’s recommended any petrol station owner look into include the following:

  • Forecourt liability insurance
  • Products liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers liability insurance

Business insurances

Of course, as well as covering against any issues of liability, you’re also running a business. As such, there are a number of insurances that you can take out to cover various aspects of running your own petrol station. These include:

  • Stock contents
  • Stock of fuel
  • Money kept on-site
  • Products and goods in transit

The importance of having insurance when running a petrol station

Unfortunately for you as an owner, petrol stations in the UK are hotspots for damage. Whether it be accidental fuel fires, product theft, or altercations between drivers and employees, there’s always ample opportunity for things to go wrong. Because of this, you need to be thorough when choosing what insurances to invest in; just keep in mind that it’s cheaper to be preventative, rather than paying out after it’s too late.

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