What insurance do I need when running a pub?

Pub Insurance

The great British public house is still at the heart of our society. Of course, every good pub needs a good landlord or landlady to make it appealing. If you have recently taken over running a pub then you may well wonder what type of insurance you need. Getting this key issue sorted out is vital to protecting the future of your business from any compensation claims or unforeseen natural disasters.

But what insurance for pubs is necessary?

Public liability

This is perhaps the major one you must have in place and is contained in all plans which offer insurance for pubs. Public liability covers your establishment from any damage, loss or injury to a third party caused by your employees or business activities.

Employer’s liability

Unless you run a very quiet pub or work very hard, you will employ bar staff or cleaning staff to help out. Once you do, then taking out employer’s liability cover is a legal necessity. This covers you from any staff member suffering a work-related illness or injury while going about their job.

Products liability

When it comes to insurance for public houses then this is also key. In simple terms, it provides cover against any product you have provided or sold making someone ill or causing them damage. The most obvious example of this is a meal you serve making someone ill which they then pursue a claim against you for.

Buildings insurance

Another type of pub insurance to think about is this one. If you are legally responsible for the building under your lease terms or own the freehold then you will need to insure the property. Having buildings insurance in place gives financial protection from your pub being damaged and repair work needing to be done to restore it.

Fixtures and fittings insurance

One key area for all pubs is looking after the fixtures and fittings needed to open for business. If your point of sale system is stolen, for example, this cover will help you get it replaced quickly and not be out of pocket. This type of insurance will also cover against valuable stock being damaged and theft of any possessions you have in the pub.

Get the best insurance for public houses around

The above are just some of the key insurance types all pubs will need. There are also others you may consider such as loss of licence cover or business interruption. To make things simpler, it is wise to take out a bespoke pub insurance package which includes all the cover you need. If you want to find the best deals around, call Livingstones Insurance on 020 8903 9412 today.