What insurance do I need when running a restaurant?

Restaurant Insurance – What insurance do I need when running a restaurant?

The restaurant business is one of the most versatile in the industry. As a restaurateur, you will face several hazards regularly, from slippery floors to fast-paced services and even hot liquid spills. While most of these incidences are worth actively trying to prevent through health and safety measures and staff training, accidents can still happen and the right insurance is essential.

Employers’ liability insurance

By law, if you employ people then you need to take out employers’ liability insurance. This is critical because, should any employees fall ill or become seriously injured under your care, you can help to protect yourself and the company. Especially in the restaurant industry, accidents are bound to happen, so it’s essential that you cover all possibilities.

Public liability insurance

Of course, you shouldn’t just be wary of protecting yourself should an employee be injured. As a restaurant owner, you need to invest in insurance that safeguards you from any damage or injury caused to your patrons. In particular, look for public liability insurance that tailors to cover food damages (such as food poisoning) and also ensures protection should a patron’s property be damaged.

Business content and liability insurance

This insurance is recommended simply because, when you own a restaurant, you have a lot of equipment and stock to look after. If this stock were to become damaged or broken, it can be costly to repair or replace; this is where having business content insurance comes in.

The importance of having insurance when running a restaurant

As it’s been mentioned previously, running a restaurant leaves you open to a wide range of potential damages and liabilities. Due to this, it’s crucial that you protect yourself as best as you can from every angle – not doing so could be costly and far more stressful than anticipated.

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